Snoring is not just a problem that a person faces; it is the problem for the entire family. All those who have experienced snoring either themselves or other members at home will know how disturbing the sounds can be and how they almost always leave you tired without a good night’s sleep. Those who snore often try to find simple solutions, and no, buying ear plugs for the entire family is not an option. Your dentist, ear nose throat specialist may have recommended using an anti-snoring mouth piece or even if you found this option while searching online, before you make the purchase here are a few things you should know.

How do anti-snoring mouth pieces work?

These pieces are nothing but simple physical barriers that prevent you from snoring. The main and most common cause of snoring is in the back of the mouth where the soft palate that divides the mouth and the nose tends to flop during sleep. This then comes in the way of the air passage causing disturbances and thus the snoring sounds.

The main aim of these mouth pieces is to tighten the muscles of the soft palate such that they do not flop during sleep. This they do by slightly stabilizing the positioning of the lower jaw and bringing it outwards. When the soft palate is tightened, it naturally does not flop during sleep and thus stopping or reducing snoring to a bare minimum which is barely anything above the routine sounds of breathing. Yet another reason for snoring is when the tongue flops back causing snoring sounds, this problem can also be solved using a simple anti-snoring mouth piece.

Do anti-snoring mouth pieces work?

Yes, they do work but only if there is no other underlying problem that causes the snoring. When the snoring is caused merely because of the flopping of the soft palate or tongue, the mouth piece can be in fact the most perfect solution. Click here to get more information about how these anti-snoring mouth pieces help.

Can Anti-snoring mouth pieces solve all snoring problems?

Snoring is not caused exclusively by the flopping of the tongue or the soft palate. Occasionally there are underlying medical conditions that become the source of snoring. Obstructive Sleep Apnea is a condition where the person stops breathing for a few seconds at a stretch and has to often wake up gasping for breath. Conditions like these are not solved by the use of the physical barrier. And so it is often important to evaluate the cause of the snoring before investing in an anti-snoring. As not only will it not help in solving the problem but might also mask the problem. This might take unnecessarily longer for the diagnosis of the condition to take place. Not to mention that the mouth piece will not even prove to be helpful in the case where snoring is caused because of this condition.

Can Anti-snoring mouth piece help in all causes of snoring?

No. It can only help in the most common cause of snoring that is, when the tongue and the soft palate flop during sleep and obstruct the air passages. Other causes of snoring such as Obstructive sleep apnea, deviated nasal septum, chronic cold, and other such condition need to be treated to help cure the snoring.

Is wearing an anti-snore mouth piece painful?

It is not painful per se, but getting used to wearing a mouth piece as a daily routine might take some time to get used to. But once the habit sets in, you be rest assured that not only will you stop snoring, the loved ones around you will also get their much deserved night’s rest.

Are there any side effects of wearing a mouth piece?

There are no known major side effects of wearing a mouth piece and can be easily termed as safe to use. However, while one wears it, one might experience a dry mouth or increased salivation. It might cause some discomfort in the jaw initially, but you will get used to it. In rare cases, there is teeth occlusion as well.

Are there any precautionary measures that one has to watch out for?

The mouth piece when used has to be cleaned by boiling it and stored in a clean dry place. If the mouth piece is not boiled or kept hygienically, there is scope for bacterial growth in it which in turn might cause oral infections. The mouth piece is only a physical barrier and will work only when it is put on. It does not bring about any permanent changes in the body or cure the snoring problem.